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Founded in 2011, Case d'Alto is an up and coming extra virgin olive oil producer and winery based in Campania’s Avellino province under the Coevo brand name. Founder Cladio De Luca, who comes from the renewable energy industry says he focused on creating high quality products rather than mass manufacturing. Given Claudio's renewable credentials, it is no surprise that he is now focusing effort on becoming an organic certified olive producer.

All the olives used to produced olive oil under the Coevo brand are harvested by hand between October and November and the oil is extracted from the olives by only mechanical means ensuring the highest quality oil is produced.

For the non-Italian speakers here “Coevo” means “contemporaneous” in Italian, which refers to the best time to use olive oil is as soon as the olives are harvested from the tree.

Cuevo's most popular product is the Coevo Gran Cru, which is blended olive oil and has won multiple awards at olive oil competitions internationally. In addition the Gran Cru, Coeve also produced monocultivar olive oils from regional olive varieties; Majatica, Ravece, and Leccino del Corno.