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Gallo olive oil is a Portuguese olive oil brand that was founded in 1919 by Victor Guedes. Though there are records that Gallo actually dates back as far as the 18th century. From its small beginnings, Gallo is now the world's 3rd largest olive oil brand in the world, and is sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

The name "Gallo", which means rooster in Portuguese apparently originated from Guedes waking up one morning hearing a roosters morning call. Although it is more likely to represent the iconic symbol of Portugal, with the Portuguese tradition the Gallo brand keeps close to its heart.

Gallo olive oil focuses on quality with a strict policy that no additives, artificial colourings or preservatives should be used in it production of olive oil.

In addition to producing olive oil, Gallo also manufactures high quality sauces, table olives, and vinegar.